Board of Directors

Our board of directors serves a vital role in enabling and providing resources for Food and Shelter’s mission. Responsibilities of the organization’s board of directions include:

  1. Determination of the organization’s mission and purpose.
  2. Selection of a chief executive.
  3. Provide proper financial oversight.
  4. Ensure adequate resources.
  5. Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  6. Ensure effective organizational planning
  7. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance.
  8. Enhance the organization’s public standing
  9. Support the chief executive and assess his or her performance


President, Tish Marek
Vice President, Mark Braley
Treasurer, Bob Hamm
Secretary, Jan Astani
Past-President, Lori Thrower

Members at Large

Gretchen Nicholson
DJ Nuzum
David Saunders
Rev. Hugh Wilson