Footsoldiers Against Hunger: Cleveland County CropWalk


In this community and around the world, hungry people walk to find food. In Norman, hungry people walk an average of 3 miles to access food at Food and Shelter and around the world, the trips can be much farther. It is with this in mind that we walk in CropWalk; an effort to raise awareness and funds to combat hunger right here in our community.

On Sunday, October 6th Food and Shelter will walk with hundreds of other community members in Norman’s annual Cleveland County Crop Walk. The Crop Walk is a three mile 45-60 minute charity walk that begins at Food and Shelter, Inc. which is located at 104 W. Comanche in Norman. Registration for the walk begins at 1:30 p.m. and the walk itself begins at 2 p.m.

Seventy-five percent of donations will go to the Church World Service that provides hunger relief in more than eighty countries, and twenty-five percent of donations will go to Food and Shelter.

Pre-walk activities include face painting for children and performances by the Manyawi World Music Ensemble. After the walk there will be a party with food, face painting, music and more.

The Crop Walk is not merely a fundraising event; it is also a symbolic demonstration of the unnecessary difficulties many people go through on a daily basis to get access to food. Countless men, women, and children in our community and around the world miss out on experiencing the grand wonders of life because the majority of their time is spent obtaining basic necessities. By taking a long walk we symbolically represent their struggle to get what every human being deserves.

From this perspective the crop walk is both a call for change and an act of remembrance. This may seem trivial, for “what can mere remembering accomplish?” you might say. But here at Food and Shelter we have learned that this act of remembrance is the first step in the process of social change. Before we set out to fix a problem we must first be aware of it, and lasting change can only occur when this awareness reaches society as a whole.

So we don’t expect to solve the hunger crisis in our community by merely taking a walk. We do recognize, however, that doing so is a powerful reminder of the preventable suffering taking place in our midst, of our willingness to help, and of what should really matter to us as a society.

Sign up for CropWalk or make a donation at or We hope to see you there!