Our Team

Directors, Leaders, Members, Partners, and Friends

Food and Shelter Staff


April Heiple, Executive Director 

Natalie Gardner, Assistant Director

Laura Birkett-Fielder, Director of Financial Operations

Xochit Thompson, Office and Properties Manager

Sunny Hill, Food Services Manager

Celeste Smith-Warah, Housing Case Manager

Lisa Lewis, Emergency Services Case Manager

Angela Corbitt, Housing Case Manager

Christy Blair, Housing Case Manager 

Randi Brockhaus, Housing Case Manager


Board of Directors


President, Bill Hughes
Vice President, DJ Nuzum

Treasurer, Bob Hamm
Secretary, Ed Marek
Past-President, Mark Braley

Our board of directors serves a vital role in enabling and providing resources for Food and Shelter’s mission. Responsibilities of the organization’s board of directions include:

  1. Determination of the organization’s mission and purpose.
  2. Selection of a chief executive.
  3. Providing proper financial oversight.
  4. Ensuring adequate resources.
  5. Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability.
  6. Ensuring effective organizational planning
  7. Recruiting and orienting new board members and assessing board performance.
  8. Enhancing the organization’s public standing
  9. Supporting the chief executive and assessing his or her performance.




  • Kimberly Brantley
  • Adam Clinton
  • Tish Marek
  • Rev. Wendi Neal
  • Gretchen Nicholson
  • Jack O'Hare
  • Michael Ridgeway
  • Jamie Shattuck

Emeritus Members

  • Mark Adair
  • Zena Amer
  • Casey Allen
  • Waylond "Wake" Bowser
  • Kendall Cartmell
  • Mary Kay Hapke
  • Angela Holladay
  • Cheryl Hollingsworth
  • Chris Huston
  • Harriett Leigh Kemp
  • Jim Jinkins
  • Marilyn McCullough
  • Leketa Marty
  • Rosamond Miller
  • Clifton Naifeh
  • David Nordyke
  • Kathryn Selmon
  • Shirley Snider
  • Hank Strategier
  • Mary Louise Symcox
  • Lori Thrower
  • John Waller
  • Susan Whiteneck
  • Rev. Hugh Wilson

Our Partners and Friends in the Community 


Major Funders include but aren’t limited to:

United Way of Norman 

The City of Norman


Partner Agencies Include:


Catholic Charities

Sanctuary for Women

Central Oklahoma Community Mental Health

Cleveland County Continuum of Care

Norman Housing Authority

Norman Addiction and Information Center


Progressive Independence

Salvation Army

Thunderbird Clubhouse

Variety Care

Women’s Resource Center